Pandemia custou U$S 460 bi ao turismo

SHOTLIST PARIS, FRANÇA25 DE JUNHO DE 2020FONTE: AFPTV 1. Plano geral Eiffel Tower2. Plano geral Eiffel Tower3. Plano médio going into the elevator4. Plano médio going up the Tour Eiffel elevator5. Plano médio girls looking through the grill6. Plano geral girls laughing7. Plano geral looking down at the floor below with Paris and the Seine river in the background8. Plano médio journalists with cameras9. Panorâmica da esquerda à direita tourist taking pictures10. Plano geral tourists looking through the fence and taking pictures11. Plano médio tourist looking through the fence and taking pictures12. Plano geral a couple taking a 'selfie'