Pompeo visitará fronteira do Brasil com Venezuela

SHOTLIST TEL AVIV, ISRAEL24 DE AGOSTO DE 2020FONTE: US EMBASSY JERUSALEM 1. Travelling plane of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the tarmac of Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv2. Travelling Mike Pompeo disembarking his airplane after landing in Ben Gurion airport in Israel, greeting officials ABU DHABI, EMIRADOS ÁRABES UNIDOS26 DE AGOSTO DE 2020FONTE: WAMRESTRIÇÕES: PROIBIDA A REVENDA / NO RESALE 3. SONORA 1 - Morgan Ortagus, US State Department spokeswoman (mulher, English, 5 seg.): "This is not the first instance when the United States has sold military aircraft or hardware, F-16s, others to the UAE, so this isn't a new relationship. This is a sophisticated relationship." FILADÉLFIA, PENSILVÂNIA, ESTADOS UNIDOS16 DE JULHO DE 2020FONTE: US DEPARTMENT OF STATERESTRIÇÕES: PROIBIDA A REVENDA / NO RESALE 4. Plano médio US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers a speech5. Plano geral US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers a speech 6. SONORA 2 - Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state (homem, English, 6 seg.): "It’s true that at our nation’s founding, our country fell far short of securing the rights of all. The evil institution of slavery was our nation’s gravest departure from these founding principles. We expelled Native Americans from their ancestral lands. And our foreign policy too has not always comported with the idea of sovereignty embedded in the core of our founding. But crucially, crucially the nation’s founding principles gave us a standard by which we could see the gravity of our failings." 7. Plano geral US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down for an onstage discussion after his speech SAN CRISTÓBAL, ESTADO TÁCHIRA, VENEZUELA2 DE SETEMBRO DE 2020FONTE: AFPTV 8. Plano geral traffic9. Plano médio fruit vendors in the street PACARAIMA, RORAIMA, BRASIL11 DE MAIO DE 2019FONTE: AFPTV 10. Plano médio Venezuelan cars cross the border with Brazil11. Plano médio Venezuelans cross border with Brazil on foot